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Though born in California in 1963, I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada.  During my youth, I was heavily involved in sports, participating in baseball, basketball, tennis and golf.  Church youth activities also played a big part of my teen years.  When I graduated from high school in 1981, I moved to Provo, Utah to attend Brigham Young University.  I returned home in 1982, and worked in my father's insurance agency for two years.

My life changed when I returned to BYU in 1984, as that is where I met the love of my life ... my eternal bride, Jonita Emley Kitch.  We met in January 1984, and were married that fall on October 5, 1984.  We both were students at the time, and it was a challenging time for us ... but I would never go back and change a thing.  Jonita graduated with multiple bachelors degrees in education, and began her career as an elementary/special education teacher, which she still continues to do today at Stewart's Creek Elementary School in The Colony.  (And, I'm proud to announce here that she was voted by her peers and her school's administration as the Stewart's Creek Teacher of the Year for the 2007-2008 school year.)

During the time it took me to get my degree, I started working full-time at Novell, Inc. in Provo, Utah.  Life was full with work and school ... and the wonderful new additions that we added to our family.  On June 1, 1986, our first daughter, Nicole Emley Harris was born.  She was such a joy in our lives that we added our second daughter, Michelle Brianne Harris, to our family on April 16, 1989.  I learned at that time that adding my wife to my life made my house a home ... and adding our children made our home a little bit of heaven.  There is nothing I cherish more in my life than my family. 

In 1991, the Harris family moved to Arizona.  I was offered a job as a Systems Analyst at a huge law firm in Phoenix, and my wife got what she always wanted ... to be close to her family, who were all living in Mesa, Arizona at the time.  In 1993, I was hired by  CyCare Systems to be a consultant and an integrator, and this started my career "on the road".  I traveled at least every other week, and this was hard on our family ... there were too many events in my girls' lives that I was missing.  So, in 1996, we made a tough decision ... it was time for a change.

Texas became our destination in July of 1996, as I was presented with an opportunity that would allow me more time home with the family, as well as a chance to enhance my career.  So, the Harris family packed up and moved to a small community just north of Dallas ... The Colony.  Nicole and Michelle began their school careers in LISD by attending Stewarts Creek Elementary School, where their mother was a teacher.  (Both have since graduated from The Colony High School, and now both of them are currently attending Brigham Young University like their parents did before them.)

Unfortunately, the career opportunity that brought us here turned into a nightmare, as I ended up in Houston each and every week for nearly 8 months.  Finally, I could not take being away from my family that much, and I resigned to seek work that would allow me to come home each night.  I have been lucky enough to have had that opportunity since early in 1997, so that I have been able to not only get more involved with my family, but also with my new hometown.  I am currently a Solutions Integrator at EDS, an HP Company, responsible for support the sales teams with technical solutioning and integration, to bringing new business and new clients into EDS/HP global services.   We decided that we loved The Colony so much, that we would put our roots down here permanently, and in 1997 we built our home in Ridgepointe.  During the past 11 years, I've had the opportunity to serve my family, my church, and my community with all my energy ... and I have loved every minute of it.

In both 2003 and 2006, I came before the citizens of The Colony to ask for your vote for City Council ... to allow me to serve you and my community.  This is our hometown ... and we need leadership that will truly represent the voice of the people, and that is my promise to you.  I thank you for electing me to serve as your City Council representative for Place 1, and I have done my best to serve you, and act as your voice on the City Council. 


After discussions with my family, and prayerful consideration, I have decided to seek re-election to City Council, Place 1. I humbly ask for your consideration and your vote in the upcoming election this May. The City of The Colony has made some real solid strides in the last six years, but there is more to be done. And together we can continue to work to make The Colony an even better place for our families ... and our future!


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